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How to Get More Smart Data From Your DMS

Featuring Brook Samples

Original Air Date: January 5, 2017


How to Fine Tune Account Numbers, Journal Sources, Schedules and DOCs to Create Smarter & More Profit-Focused DMS Reporting

The very best dealerships work with the very best financial reporting information. And no one does it better than Brooke Samples.

Visit with Brooke as she reveals her secrets for deploying many of the DMS tools now at your command, but almost universally under-utilized.

You are guaranteed to take away a long list of Brooke's favorite tools to extract the data needed to improve profits in 2017.

For General Managers who want to learn the accounting side of their DMS, this is a must-see workshop.

Changes to Make Your DMS Work Smarter:

  • Add more Account numbers to your General Ledger for faster analysis, to create better strategies and to effortlessly track long-term trends
  • Add Journal Sources to save time, reduce mistakes and provide better analytics
  • Quickly find potential problems when reviewing your General Ledger Summary
  • Add more Schedules for faster analysis and to do the heavy work DOCs to add to save time and monitor your key accounts

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