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Ideal Pay Plans for General Managers

Featuring Jeff Sacks

Original Air Date: January 26, 2017


How to Strike the Right Balance of Reward, Motivation and Stability

Jeff Sacks has been studying and refining dealership pay plans for decades. He is also recognized as the premier trainer of General Managers having instructed 1000+ on the skills and talents needed to be successful in this demanding role.

In this session, Jeff will examine how to formulate an Ideal Pay Plan for General Managers.

Jeff will explore:

  • The Attributes of truly great General Managers - profiling the best of the best
  • The Tasks of the General Manager - the daily, weekly, monthly focus points leading to success
  • The Objectives of the General Manager - defining the goal and measuring success
  • How to blend specific metrics into a pay plan that will drive dealership profitability and sustainability.

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